Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Methamphetamine(s) channel Biggie Smalls at Tesco Disco

well everyone, yesterday was a happy day because i finally got to play a show. when i arrived in london i set to emailing every venue/promoter/record label i could find and tesco disco were the only people who gave me the chance to shine. the venue was called hedges and butler and on every other night other than wednesday it is a ritzy drinking club that costs 5,000 quid a year to be a member (it is off of regent street for fuck sake).

Its interior is that of a refurbished dungeon whose cells now feel like cozy studies equipped with books and pillows and one even has a full double bed. the bar staff
are all french and hold their noses up quite high; perhaps they are sick of the hipster kids exclamations of having to pay 4 pounds for a stella.

the show itself was a bit lackluster, but it still worked out. first, i must say big ups to whitney, alexia, hayley, phoebe, and kayla for coming out, it always means a lot to have friends support. the other interesting tidbit of the night is that i actually got the headlining band their spot in the gig.

after tesco disco said that they would like me to play, they asked if i knew any other bands who might be good for the show. i had recently just seen at the old blue last/talked to on myspace this band called Kaputt. the lead singer had been in the go! team but after a vicious fight with "the cunt singer" she was asked to leave.

Kaputt is very fun indie dance pop and they people in it, while being about 10 years older than me, are very nice and they bought me a drink at the social nearby before my set. the soundman was a testy bastard who testified that he would make sure i sounded good, when i professed i didn't care about sounding good i just wanted my laptop louder. i thought my playing was very so so.

i was very excited about the gig so i kept forgetting to do things like tune my guitar before a song, i would remember after the first note of the next song when i would figure out that my guitar was horribly flat. also, practicing in the residence halls here is a bit difficult considering that the rooms are extremely close to one another and i can hear when people in the next room speak with their indoor voices let alone sing like a manic preacher. it's fairly difficult to get a venue going by yourself but when the room is only filled with about 20 people it makes it a little more difficult. alright enough excuses, it was a fun show and it made me very happy.

one quick note on my dress (it is customary at every methamphetamines gig that a new hideous/amazing ensemble must be worn). i got the tights in camden, the biggie shirt in brick lane, and the headband in camden. my upcoming sequence of events will go as follows: gran and pop come, i go to italy and greece, mr. william khrushchev krieger comes, i have my last exam and then come home.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adam in Eastern Europe

Budapest, Wien, Praha, Berlin. they would call it the pinko coastline if it ran up to an ocean; however, it doesn't they all just have nice rivers. they also have nice/crazy people and nice/crazy booze. my video is extremely nice/long so i will say nothing more, enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2007

For Those Lost at Sea

Even though i feel pretty compelled to knock day-glo it was i who was knocked down by day-glo today. i mean this headband is almost too much to handle. Camden market has about 70% crap and about 20% good stuff and some trash, pre-pubescent angsty kids, and 1 pound noodle joints inbetween.

I was looking through my pictures and found some cool guitar pictures i took of an exhibition that took place at harrods. because i just saw RIZE and feel compelled to leave everyone behind and just krump for the rest of my life, i think it important that everyone bask in the glory of the David LaChapelle designed guitar.

Just to note how i'm preparing for my eastern european trek, David and i have been watching pirated movies like crazy. any of these sites:,, or will give you the newest movies in nice little 9 part formats which may or may not have been filmed with a video camera in theatre. (thank god for the bastards who get sent early copies of movies to judge for awards and then feel compelled to put them up on the internet) so far we have watched: Blades of Glory, TMNT, (the aforementioned) RIZE, and the Good Shepard. up next is Miami Vice.

one last side note in this truly motley post full of pictures that were looking for a more public home. there was this one generation of holofceners that included my real grandfather mike, his brothers larry and henry, and a sister who is so far removed from me that i don't even remember her name and my memory is amazing. well to the point, they were all a bunch of cocks but fairly successful in their selfish endeavors.

to put it in the context larry has lived in europe for a while, he's been here since it was easy to get double citizenship, that is not recent and needless to say i am quite jealous. well he was an "artist" and made sculptures and other things, one of his sculptures, his most famous one entitled 'allies', happens to be about a five minute walk away from me on bond street. It is of churchill and roosevelt, it is very nice, check the photo. to let you also know how much of a cock this man was i'll give you a story: after briefly meeting larry at mike's wake i sent him an email. i saw that he was also a writer and i asked if he could read some of my stuff, ya know just a wise old eye on some fresh blood material, i mean we did share blood. he told me he couldn't read it because he thought he would unintentionally steal my ideas. that and he thought that i was trying to get him to get my work published, family is fun in the eyes of the wicked.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dead Kids at Macbeth

well last night we went to a hip ass place called Macbeth. The night was called "Friday on a Monday" I actually was very confused for a couple days about why there was no such date as Friday April 2nd. After figuring out the monday part of my date problem i headed over to the club with my friend donna (aka DJ dada hollywood). we are starting a band and it shall be called Country Fuck Petticoat.

So the venue was small. however, just like the other venues i fancy they had a stage that barely fit the band and was only about a foot off the ground. the first two acts weren't really much to talk about, a guy with a flock of seagull hair cut, green tights, an accordian, and gameboyish backing tracks that came from a crappy mp3 player. then a girl came up who thought she was gangsta and even though we were in east london, no one there was gangsta and no one ever would be.

for clarification east london=brooklyn. basically the artsy people moved there back in the day because it was cheap not because it was cool. now its too cool for school and the real artsy people have to leave because the real estate has gotten to expensive because of yuppies who think that they are cool.

well Dead Kids were mighty interesting. any band that Vice recommends is worth seeing just because they may piss in their own mouths. even though the band is called Dead Kids this quintet were rather on the older side, it looked like they were pushing 33. however, all the memebers, save for the fucking mental singer, had an air about them that said, i don't give a fuck i just play rad toons and will wear clothes that make me look old and silly.

the music was your basic type of electro rock which included keyboards and guitars and effects and a kaoss pad (luckily also a real drummer who whipped out the roto toms and scored major extra bonus points with myself cause they sounded great). the interesting thing about their set is even though the tone stayed pretty consistent the songs seemed to shift all over the place from reggae to speed metal to dancedancedance.

the crazy ass singer was the highlight of the show, albeit a bit scary. basically when people weren't dancing "hard" enough for him he jumped down into the crowd and started to grab people (by people i mean me) and throw them towards the stage. then he got on top of the speaker which almost fell over, then he went and got on top of the bar, then he spit into the crowd, then the show was over. that was it, it was very fun, but too loud. this is the last week of classes so i am excited, but i must finish this paper about Velazquez, Picasso, and Bacon....