Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ok, fuck shoes, i'm a do whatever i want

ok, so i bought my first pair of clothing here, next to the plimsoles, but that was ebay so it doesn't really count. it's the end of the month and i had a couple nickels left over from my food allowance so i decided to buy a forty pound pair of jeans. (ok i know these are 80 dollar jeans but i'm gonna be cool here for just one second of my life) this brand of jeans, cheap monday, got quite the review in the new vice student guide which just came out so i decided to give them a whirl. well, they happened to fit my very strict clothing guideline so i decided that they were acceptable to purchase. with these and the plimsoles i am a normal indie londoner. i don't know why i feel the need to do the "in" thing at the moment but i do. perhaps i want to finally have one up on will krieger on the london fashion thing but let me have my happy experiment. i only really wear about 3 pairs of pants anyway and none of them are black so i needed something to balance out the wardrobe. perhaps i fell victim to idleness but tonight i am going to see black lips, yes i did see them in DC but they put on quite the show which is worth seeing again. they are basically vice's house band here so perhaps it will be even crazier in this town. whatever the case, i made another discovery. walking into a store with money is like walking into a kitchen with food. everything is different. mannequins come to life. clothes become wearable. this exciting discovery can also make people go crazy though so one must watch out. you must choose wisely and never force anything because you want your new shit to look/taste good. ok well off to the show, hopefully they bring back the shtick where they piss in each others mouths.

if the post seems a bit off, i just spent the last two hours re-reading slaughterhouse five and drinking 2 pints of grolsch at the social, it was an amazing past two hours.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moustachuary in Retrospect

well, tomorrow marks the last day that i shall don the stache, at least for now. However, even though i will regain my truly dashing good looks a solemn frown shall replace the once pseudo flavor savor. from what i hear, moustachuary failed because of a secret intruder known only as: the beard. this beard is an elusive yet comforting fuck indeed. he even includes what might be known as a moustache but just as yves klein refuses to use two colors i refuse to use two facial hair attires. it is not the juxtaposition of lip, chin, and cheek hair that we were going for friends; it was an exhibition of style and prowess that can only be achieved by this roughneck facial accessory. i think the infiltration took place because of a flaw on my part. as machiavelli says a good prince cannot lead from abroad. obviously i did not heed this warning justly. i thought that i could regulate the stache proceedings from over the pond but my lapse in judgment cost everyone dearly, especially the recently departed ryan little who suffered greatly by upsetting the gods with his beard heresy. I thought that the dogma was laid out perfectly, the month of the moustache; however, i was gravely mistaken. i am sorry to all who have suffered. (and all who wussed out like little bitches)

on a lighter note, my plimsoles came. if you look closely you can see the dry blood stains. ebay doesn't tell you where the shoes came from but they say they were made in india by inspection of the inner lining. this leads me to believe that some poor man was killed for these shoes. these shoes have more street cred than anything i have ever owned. now that the era of the stache is over i think i might talk about interesting shoes, or at least till something else of interest presents itself.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Adam in London 5 (mostly in his room)

well, even though i still have a tad case of the sniffles i feel rejuvenated! ready to go out into the world rescue eskimo babies and things like that...ok maybe not that but it is about time that i start creating toil in which to make fruit that i can then consume. david and i had our first kind of showdown moment with the rest of our floor (well not really, everyone here is passive agressive so we don't actually have any contact with them) here's the scoop: no one cleans the dishes, they just sit there in the sink, then after david or i would clean them all they would just pile up again, then we stopped cleaning, then a month went by, then we got a notice from the cleaning staff that we were going to start getting fined for a dirty kitchen, then we got another notice, then david and i made our own notice that said if the dishes don't get cleaned in a week we will throw them away (signed anonymously of course but i think they know who are the only people crazy enough to do it), then after a week the dishes were still there so david threw them away, now we wait to see how the philistines react (probably by not reacting at all(or possibly even throwing comments from outside our doors like "man i can't believe they did that, i mean that stuff wasn't mine but god why do they care about stuff like that?")), well enough of that, on to the show!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


ok, so i just got back from a place called TURNMILLS, everyone and there mother was there. it was MSTRKFT's record release show and not only did they play but there were guest DJs from the Klaxons, the Gossip, the New Young Pony Club, and Hot Chip. From this experience I can say that i am officially done with whatever this new rave scene thing is. i mean old rave looked stupid from the start and nobody had problems distinguishing that but i feel that there are things that throw people off on the new rave. 1. day glo- it seems fun, its brighter than bright, it plays fun tricks under a black light, and i'm sure it seems really silly while you're on ecstacy; however, when you take a closer look it is nothing more than a tragically aggressive color. it's not inviting, it's piercing and it has the ability to invade your personal space from across the dance floor. 2. bands like the Klaxons, the Gossip, etc. etc. DJ these fucking masquerades. these perveyors of pop trade in there wonderful melodies and happy-go-lucky tunes for drum and bass drones that are boring and never ending. it's called being fucking lazy when you just play the same poor excuse for a beat over and over again for hours and hours. the test is this: if you can listen to electronic music that you can dance to even when you're not dancing then you know its awesome examples: dan deacon, !!!, lcd soundsystem etc. 3. ecstacy- i know it should seem simple and eventhough i've never done it i've spoken to many that have and basically when you're on it EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, if you are not already weary of people who think that everything is awesome then you are not enough of a skeptic for this day and age. any environment that you can only tolerate under the influence, especially of something life threatning such as ecstacy, should probably be avoided. all i can say is that in places such as these the results are sad and disheartening not to mention expensive (15fuckingpounds). that and i basically had to will myself not to fall asleep so i could see MSTRKFT's set which started at 2am. ok well enough bitching at the moment i'm sure i'll talk about it in the video to come, and just to show you how awesome i think i am here is a picture of my hair high fiving the wind from atop primrose hill where you can see quite a bit of london.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Moustachuary 4

i feel like a parent, my child flunked high school but is starting to show promise in community college, the child being my flavor-saving bastard of a moustache. basically, its just a little soft in the middle but with your donations it may be able to fill out a bit more. the two recatangles that reside on the left and right side of my lips remind me of home and keep all my friends close to my heart. through matt bradshaws facebook picture i have seen naylor's prize winning beard; i will allow for his breaking of procedure (the fact that it is a beard and not a stache) because of the joy that it gives me and its spectacular essence, its "i don't know what". ok well back to the grind...,,,;;;:::

Adam in London 4 (mostly in spiffy spain)

Just got back from barcelona. Our main reason for going was carnival, a festival that takes place all over the world and allows people to dress up like blind tranny hookers on halloween. Other than that the video pretty much, as per usual, speaks for itself, but just for fun i'm going to put up some band names that i came up with just to ya know get a response:
1. creative carrot juice
2. tomorrow it is!
3. the boxed pew
4. the arts and crafts movement
5. the pretty pictures
6. the jackson bollocks

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adam in London 3 (richard h.)

greetings, this week the post is pretty simple, not a tremendous amount of bells and whistles, but i'm assuming that next week will just blow your minds because then i'll have stories of spain and trouble and much more david. rick leaves tomorrow; tonight we are going to see stephen beckett's play "Happy Days". I am extremely excited, now to the film...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Moustachuary 3

ok, this picture truly represents the disgusting fate that i am forced to live with forever. My facial hair is a failure and i have come to terms with this and shall still continue on with the project because of the devistating consequences it could have to one ross marshall. However, after some meditation on the subject i have found out why my efforts to grow a badass stache are destined to be thwarted, there names are edward and janine holofcener. They are responsible for the cage match that constantly rages in my DNA between the anglo-saxons and the children of isreal. Sides have been drawn in this epic battle and it doesn't take a pediatrician to figure out who has what. Above my waist is almost a barren wasteland with awkward patches of this and that while below i could somehow seem related to a wolverine. My maternal grandfather's crew cut represented the amount of hair that he donated to me through my mother and my father's brother is still one of the hairiest men that i know. Thus, at conception the stage was set for a war with apocalyptic tendencies. This also lead me to pinpoint the reason for my irritable stomach because of the aforementioned front line of my center region. I ask for your continual prayers in this tragic time of my life and in other news another video post will be up when richard holofcener leaves.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Adam in London 2 (Adam in Southern France)

Dear Matt Bradshaw and everyone else, welcome to the second installment of my freeze frame fun. It's a little longer than last time so that might mean that you get more enjoyment. Well, I do enough talking in the video itself so now you can watch, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Moustachuary 2

ok, I haven't shaved to make the stache official but I'm trying to lower the sillyness factor of my face by waiting a couple of days. But you can bet Jeff Zeider's sweet ass that I look haggard. I heard a rumor from my friend katy hersh. Try it on like a pair of pants and pass it round the camp fire: Mutton Chop May. Think about it.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Moustachuary 1

Part of my blog shall also contain the pictorial chronicling of the small but important adventures that my facial hair has. That's right kids, it's moustachuary. For those of you who don't know the male musical community at mary washington has some taboo growing sessions during different months such as: no shave november. To stay true to these brethern I must also sacrafice my dashing good looks to grow what shall most likely be an almost invisible moustache; however, the sacrifice comes around to bite you because my feeble stache will most likely jump out at the viewer upon entering the a three foot radius around my body, then they cough, back away, perhaps wimper, and in worst cases die, ok, well the pictures will be here and they might not show much but remember they probably wouldn't anyway.