Friday, June 8, 2007

OCDJ at the depot

i know this is a couple days late/borderline obsolete but i've been busy. i went to DC to meet with Todd who owns carpark/paw tracks records and now i will intern there, sometime. then i went to fredericksburg and hung out with the likes of ross marshall and matt bradshaw. now im back, with two stiches in my back from a mole biopsy. tomorrow tereu tereu and this lone meth play a show in NC, holler.

so the show was kind of ridiculous. i went with howie and brett who both danced/boogied as hard/crazy as i did. the depot is usually a gay bar but on some special occasions it lends its innards to the indie kids (usually at wildfirewildfire) and a show of insane dance proportions is organized. that is what happened this fateful night.

there was one opening band that played a mini moog, keytar, and drums. they all wore matching outfits that made them look like alien porno stars from the 70s. they velcroed lights onto their chests that are of the ASSEENONTV persuasion. they were fun but the fact that their name doesn't strike me sort of says it all.

OCDJ, a wham city member, is sort of like girltalk mixed with dan deacon. so you know crazy songs mashed up with new cartoon/videogameesque beats over top. as you see in the picture mrOC likes to wear a walrus mask while he busts a move at his laptop. he busted a move so hard at the beginning of the show that the speakers blew up in 5 minutes, luckily the soundsystem was fixed and we were afforded another 30 minutes of balls to the wall meta-anarchy.

tonight, Ed Schrader has his fourth talk show and wzt hearts is playing as well, it's at the metro gallery on 1700 charles street, i will see you there.

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