Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Blow (my future wife) at Luminaire

last night i went to see the blow. it was one of the best shows i have seen in a long while, hands down. she performed at the luminaire and i went with my paternal grandparents who are visiting at the moment. they had as much fun as i did; my grandparents are cooler than yours.

The show, which remained fairly mellow throughout, started out with a one man singer songwriter called "the carl" (i think). i coveted his guitar very much. i gave up my gearheadedness when i was about 13 but he was playing an old vintage pastel pink colored one pickupped fender mustang and it sounded great. it sounded like if georgia was in the midwest or something. basically he played nice little tunes but his voice sounded like joanna newsome, and although i love her to pieces, it didn't fit with his style.

next up was death sentence: panda. holy fuck, they were awesome too. they were a trio out of frisco that consisted of a small little asian strumpet who played flute and screamed, a guy who played a clarinet that ran through the craziest processor ever, and a drummer who was manic (although i wished his set sounded better as opposed to paper towels being hit by flacid cocks). i wanted to buy their cd but the man in front of me bought the last one. after he heard my sighs he offered to send me the whole album via email. this man, named conrad, should be crowned as king. i received the album this morning not even 24 hours after the show. the world is good.

then came miss k-records queen herself, the blow. she is also a performance artist and although you can't so much tell from her records, she is crafty, sassy, sexy, and hott. basically after playing a few songs she started to do very long monologues which invited the audience into her tragic sexual/romantic personal life. whether these stories were true, like a man ending up in her bedroom to tell her why he yelled out his car window at "babes", it didn't matter because we all sat there with sweaty palms and short breathes just just praying that she'd look in our direction.

the venue was one of the best venues i have ever been to as well. you could see the stage perfectly from every direction (you could also stand to the side of the stage and watch from there, and the only back that the stage had was a sheet. there were even signs that read: "quiet, if you talk we will tell you to shut up, you didn't pay money to talk to your friends while a band is playing." ballsy but it worked) well whatever the case the show was great and she even played old favorites like "what tom said about girls" and this amazing cover of a jason anderson song called "jet ski accident" as well as all the new favorites: "pile of gold", "parentheses", "true affection". well it was the first ever show i walked out of feeling horny. i think the only other time that happened was in 12th grade when i walked out of the movie "American Wedding", boy i was a mess.


Emily said...

If you marry The Blow you're gonna have to be polyamorous - Jona of YACHT does the beats but he doesn't tour with her (cause I think he's doing his own tour).

Emily said...

damn, you are right. as a peace offering i posted the new M.I.A. joint...