Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cadbury Fronts

hello kids. i'm going to see Psapp tonight so i will post about that later. however, i started a new project with my friend joseph called cadbury fronts. i thought it was worth showing people/talking about. basically i hadn't talked to joseph in quite in a while, some years in fact. other than a chance meeting at goodwill a couple years ago i hadn't seen him since franklin high, that is a damn fuck long time back. well the powers of facebook somehow got us talking.

we realized that we had to make some music together. well we both have recording equiptment, and some unfulfilled creative desires so we set to work. i'd lay down the boogaloo and send it to joseph where he would add the sasafrazz. the songs we play are a bit different than i'm used to but i think it's a product of me being in the city. i need my music to contrast the surroundings, hence: fucked up crazy loud rock/electronic music feels to easy in the city, hence: no fun. hence: i started writing quieter bluesish/countryish/jazzish/folkish pop that would sound good with some thoughtful electronics over top.

i handle the guitar and voices while joseph is in charge of the bass and other toys. perhaps that will change but we're going to keep sending stuff back and forth to each other and the final cuts shall be hearable at on that myspace page there are also some songs up for one mr. mark hill (i needed a space to put up new methamphetamine song ideas). this shameless plug shall cease now, enjoy.

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