Sunday, May 20, 2007


ok, so my last london club experience (see 4:30am bonus post about my terrible time at turnmills) didn't sit so well with me; however, because of the stellar lineup at fabric this past friday i decided to give it a go. i mean how could i leave london without going to fabric, i would have been a right no ball pussy loser if i hadn't experienced the floor shaking, E dropping, coke bumping sensation that is fabric (don't worry i didn't take any drugs. fuck drugs)

i was persuaded to go because LCD Soundsystem aka mr. dancefunkpunk himself james murphy was DJing, crystal castles were playing a live set, Busy P was DJing, and Justice was performing behind his huge illuminated cross surrounded by enough sequencers and wave generators to create the biggest synth ever. well my friend kayla and i sauntered into the place at about 11:30pm. we left at 4:45am.

i saw LCD play two summers ago and i can easily say it was one of the best shows i've ever seen. i even tried to rip off my shirt and give it to mr. murphy. mandy miggletron gabriel can tell you that he gracefully told me he had a shirt and didn't need mine. let's just say that the DJ set is completely different but just as amazing. in an email to ryan little i compared murphball to ray charles.

ray charles (who i love) played a type of music that was rather poppy; however, he knew his shit and he rocked out to people like art tatum. murphy is the same way. his music has a shit load of hooks and all the other things that make it easier listening than say straight up, no frills, old skool, disco/electro music which is the type of music that he spins. i had never heard a single song that he played that night but they were all awesome and even though my true dance music knowledge is slim i could still tell that it was quality shit, real dank bud so to speak.

the crystal castles i have been real excited about for a little while. basically a mix between dan deacon and the blow. they're one of those small canadian bands that somehow got huge in europe and now can open up for anyone they want but can barely get shows in their own country and the US. their set was really short (im not even sure how many cds they have) but i did just order their amazing t-shirt which has a graphic of madonna with a broken eye.

i hadn't listened to Busy P at all before friday night. however, after hearing that he was part of the whole parisian ed banger records thing (same record label as Justice) i felt like their was promise. promise was an understatement. even though he was just DJing it was amazing. he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. his mixes were so catchy without betraying the dogma of dance. i barely knew what was going on during his set and all i can say is check him out, i don't know the names of any of his stuff so just google it beeoytch.

Justice was a disapointment. i just had to get that off my chest. i mean his songs, D.A.N.C.E., We Are Your Friends, and Let There Be Light are amazing, and seeing those songs was enough to make me go; however, the rest of his stuff fell flat, especially after how Busy P was killing it only moments before. Justice's other songs just sounded like poorer versions of his singles. not only that but he hyped himself pretty well, which is never attractive. he would stop songs in the middle, to "build anticipation" and then throw them back into gear thinking that he was cool. letting the beat drop is never cool, ever. that is a good way to end.